Why is my PCSX2 controller plugin messed up? (PLZ ANSWER)
I've been playing way of the samurai on my pcsx2 and the buttons i assigned the right analog stick to makes the character's camera change direction. and the d-pad for him to move. But now for some reason the button's i assigned the right analog stick to makes him move instead of changing the camera direction. And I've checked the controller settings five times in a row and it says the button ive assigned the right analog stick to is the one i was pressing. but for some reason its not working like the right analog stick. ive re-assigned the controls 8 times in a row and i keep ending up with the same dang problem! what is wrong with it?

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Why dont you try to bind the movements keys to the Left Analog Stick?
Deleting the .ini file sometimes works for me when controls are messed up.
if it still doesnt work try to get a newer plugin

another plz thread Tongue
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