Why isnt my Cheat Working ?
Hey guys so im new to using this .pnach thing so i read the .pnach Guides for Dummis from This Link Here.  And after all of that, I Used the Cheat for P3Fes from This Here . Im pretty sure i did all of em Correctly. Is there something im doing wrong with it ? Persona 3 FES, thats the game. 

I just want the EXP multiplier, The Infinite Money is there just to see whether its working or not . And it doesnt . Whats the problem ? And Thanks guys.

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.pnach   97102837.pnach (Size: 292 bytes / Downloads: 439)

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Post the emulog when you start the game with cheats loaded(it's in the logs folder)
Piracy still not supported: http://forums.pcsx2.net/Thread-Persona-3...ot-Working

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