Why pcsx 2 didnt use Cpu ram instead of ram?
i searched already for the reason in this forum but cant find it...
so, any body can explain why pcsx 2 used cpu ram instead normal ram?
and is it possible to change the coding from using cpu to ram?

noob techies
My rig
-Window 7 Ultimate 32-bit
-AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core QL65
-4.00 RAM
-ATI RADEON HD 3200 ( 256Mb - intergrated onboard)
-PCSX 2 0.9.9

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he never used "CPU RAM" ( cache ) and it can't be and will never be !!!

this is just insanity ! Laugh

and if you mean frequencies than it is not RAM it is speed for a short meaning

emulation require processing not storing how RAM will benefit this subject Wink
simple: you can't store 4+gb in 8mb of space
What you called CPU RAM is not a memory from SW point of view! Every bytes of RAM have an address, cache doesn't have it. You can remove the cache or completely change architecture cache, still the SW will stay the same. Cache is only a buffer to hide latency access of the RAM, it just an hardware internal trick.

Some older CPU (or potential future) have some real RAM inside the die like PS2 which have a scrachpad memory.
Everything might fit in L3$ if compiled for optimize size but it would probably be slower.
The PS2 main memory is 32MB + 4MB for the GS Wink
and emulation however optimized you get, probably needs at minimum 100mb, there is no L3 cache that big. As pointed out, you wouldnt even fit the required space for the original consoles memory on L3 cache.
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