Why pcsx2 don't have the ability to format the memory cards?
Just curious...especially when you are using folder memory card.
You can format them when you start the bios but why not by using pcsx2?
Why do we need one extra step to format the cards when we are creating them

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Probably the devs consider it unnecessary work - as you say you can do it within the BIOS. It's one of those "It would be nice, but it's not super important" types of features I think.
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In folder memory card it would be at least for me faster using some file manager than using the mouse in pcsx2. For filememorycard it would be a nice feature. Also easy to implement i guess.
Not that I know how to do it but it doesn't look anything special.
With the folder memory card at least,you just create a 8kb file full with only "FF" and write something that is always the same when you create a card and format it to the first 519 bytes(0 to 0x207)

With the normal card it looks a little more complicated because along with the "write something to the first 519 bytes",you are writing something on more than once place but it's on every ???(I didn't count)bytes
If we talk about format we talk about clearing the memcard from all data, or?
If i create a new memcard the memcard will be autoformated (?). (Or are the games/bios doing that?)

Obviousl i misread your comment. Now i get what you want.

How many memory cards do you create? I almost never do it (i obviously can not even remember that they dont get autoformated by pcsx2). Maybe thats the reason for that missing feature.
The problem is mainly when you download some beta and try it.
PCSX2 automatically creates the cards if they don't exist but they are not formated

There is also something else but I don't know if this is a bug.
If you are using folder memory card and copy only your settings(inis)to some pcsx2 version that don't use those names for the memory cards,pcsx2 will create normal 8mb card(unformulated)instead of using folder memory card(create a folder and use it).
Or if you delete the folder memory card,the next time you start pcsx2,it will not create a folder but 8mb unformulated card
I just have a general mcard folder that i always link to on first startup. So maybe thats the reason why i dont observe the problem. Maybe it gets more relevant with folder memcards.

The second part is probably a secure fallback. If anything goes wrong folder memorycard disables itself and the normal file memory card is activated.
Maybe one can ask admiral curtis to try to fix issues in folder memcard instead of this behavior. I think you are active on git or? I would suggest to open an issue.

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