Why so much versions of GSdx for various games?
I have pcsx2 r4777 and I have many versions of GSdx. I have one for Simpsons Game, another one for Shadow of the Colossus, one for Dragon Ball Budokai Tekaichi 3 (all PAL versions). Every version contain fix for a specific game, but why?
It's not possible to make a new GSdx version with all these fixes?
I don't want to try another games because I'm afraid that then I have to download another gsdx Laugh
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It's because the CPU capacity, not games. AMD CPUs for now are limited to SSE2, newer Intel CPU can use SSE4.1, while older Intel are limited to SSSE3 (notice the extra S). It means you can use SSE2 with that your CPU but with no advantage at all, the contrary even. The same is not valid for an AMD which could not use any GSDX version other than SSE2 (at least until the Bulldozer release).

The gamefixes are not dependent on GSDX, it can be selected on the configurations but nowadays it is automatically applied if "Automatic Gamefixes" is set on the GUI, System menu.

If it is not so to you you are using an unsupported non official build.
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The reason there so many so you can get like this.

Im using custom built computer it cost me only 190$ that right. AMD CPU 560 comes with free motherboard for only 99$ and Case + PSU cost $40. Then a 4G ram cost $50
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Ummm he didn't ment SSE versions Tongue, but unsupported hackfixes.

The rarely known truth is that hackfixes aren't fixing the nature of a problem, just try to cover it to look nice. That's just workarounds and when sometimes it breakes something else it cannot be included in SVN. There are many hacks and workarounds in the SVN that doesn't break anything and soo most games have custom hacks in official builds already.

For your problem, if you have lots of games and are affraid you'll need to change settings everytime you play different one, you can try one of the pcsx2 loaders(there are at least 2 released on this forum) it can save different settings for each game and then you just load the game simple as double clicking a shortcut without changing plugins/settings manually.
You can find those loaders here:

Oh and forgot to add, there is also other reason some custom patches aren't included in official pcsx2 even if they potentially could be included in official SVN after some testing. Unfortunately net is as huge as the world, and some shameless people just break GNU General Public License while releasing their own plugin versions and their work isn't really worth mentioning on this forum at all.:3
Its your computer problem. Not settings.

Just build a new computer under $200 Smile and You can run most game at 60 FPS. without changing settings. (I did not change any settings at all, all settings are default except the window size to make it bigger)

I can run game smooth even God of War @ 60 FPS Smile.
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Quote:"I don't want to try another games because I'm afraid that then I have to download another gsdx Laugh"

Well, that pretty much answer the question. I imagine they are those hacked plugins that breaks so much things to need one for each game. If so, the "unsupported" word becomes clear for obvious reasons.

PS: Sorry miseru99, I did not see your post while was writing mine.
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