Why there is no "Internal Resolution" graphics setting anymore?
I downloaded and ran v1.7.3838 nightly build of PCSX2 and in the graphics settings I noticed that there is no "Internal Resolution" graphics setting anywhere.


In the stable version 1.6.0 of PCSX2 there is "Internal Resolution" video setting that allows me to play the game above the native resolution which makes the game much nicer.

It looks like that it was removed later in the Qt builds of PCSX2 but why?

In PCSX2 I always set "Internal Resolution" to 4x all the time to make the games look much nicer than normal on my screen.

Why it has been removed on the Qt builds?

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It's still there, it's always been there, under Settings->Graphics->Rendering.

Why do people keep freaking out that we've removed stuff without actually looking? :/
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They won't ever remove native res, it's wild that people actually believe that haha

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