Why there is revisions (svn) on this site, and not on official ?
*removed* (no links to unofficial builds, please)

take a look, r48**

is this true ? i mean.. i' can't find it on official site, or google codecs, here on forum, only in that site.. wth?

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To sum it up:

Official "stable" releases are found right here, on the official site/forums.

Officially, SVNs can be compiled from GoogleCode - PCSX2 Project, or downloaded through Orphis' Build Bot.

Any variation of PCSX2 obtained otherwise, is completely unofficial and not supported.
We offer "official" SVN build here too, it's even the 4th news item in the main page:

They're not in the downloads page because they're mostly untested and experimental and up to people's own risk to get them and try.
The downloads page contain the "stable" releases.
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