Widescreen for Winning Eleven 10 SLPM_633.74
Hello, I wanted to adjust the 'Widescreen' for the game 'Winning Eleven 10 - SLPM_633.74'
Already downloaded various patches, most are unable to adjust, always acts as though it have 'zoom' on screen and the letters become off the screen
how can I do to adjust perfectly?

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Post here about that:
[Image: XTe1j6J.png]
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OK, Thanks
Hi I wanted to adjust the 'Widescreen' for the game 'Winning Eleven 10 - SLPM_633.74

CODE : 0D02 0E00 0E00 0000 ABAA AA3F 0000 803F 0000 803F 0000 0000 looks good but the players disappear and appear on the sides,
maybe I need to change another code?
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