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Widescreen patch not working.
I'm trying to play SMT:N in PCSX2 1.2.1. When I run the game it gives me this.

Overall 0 Cheats loaded
Found Widescreen hacks file: 'E8FCF8EC.pnach'
comment: Widescreen Hack.
Loaded 1 Widescreen hacks from 'E8FCF8EC.pnach'
Overall 1 Widescreen hacks loaded
EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset

However, when I swtich to 16:9 it just stretches the image (fat characters, same borders) instead of giving me true widescreen.

Anyone know how to fix this?

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Can you show the unstretched and stretched version?

Keep in mind that widescreen hacks only work for 3D-stuff... All 2D-stuff gets stretched.
I took a picture of both 4:3 and 16:9 but they both showed up as 4:3.
[Image: AiOMXbS.png]
[Image: KC0Yfwu.png]
Those both look 16:9. just squished.

Config->Emulation settings->GS window.

Change aspect to 16:9 and see if it helps.
[Image: vwah44]
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PCSX2 General Troubleshooting FAQ
(02-24-2015, 02:56 AM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: Those both look 16:9. just squished.

Ah I think you're right. I started the game over with widescreen turned off to compare and it seems like I had it on the whole time. Maybe the stretched UI was throwing me off.
[Image: gsdx_20150223173637_zpshq3mcj9q.png]
[Image: gsdx_20150223173315_zpsx7zjl3bm.png]

Don't know why my snaps are squished but it looks the way its supposed to on my screen.
Take a screenshot of your window with ALT-printScreen. If you take a screenshot with pcsx2 then it uses the internal resolution - which is almost never in the correct aspect ratio.
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