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Widescreen patches not working
Hello all,

I'm running pcsx2 on the 1.5.0 version, using windows 10.

I've enabled widescreen patches, but on widescreen ratio the image continues stretched. I've tried running Star Wars Battlefront II and Burnout Takedown in widescreen with no success. It seems that the widescreen patches are loaded though, as the console shows (5 widescreen patches were loaded for Battlefront II).

EDIT: I just downloaded a Burnout 3 widescreen patch and it worked fine =)

Still, I can't run Battlefront II in widescreen for some reason. Can someone help me?
Thanks in advance.

EDIT 2: I got another Battlefront II from a friend and the widescreen patches worked fine. I'm sure both versions are NTSC though, and I still don't understand why I had this problem. What matters now is that it is solved.

Please close this thread.

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