Wierd green lines around pcsx2 emulator app
Hi all, I have the latest SVN beta and I'm experiencing a wierd problem.  There are green lines (thin ones) around the program windows (and they show visibly when I am full screen with a game).  Screenshots:

[Image: pcsx2_green_lines_problem.jpg][Image: pcsx2_green_lines_problem_2.jpg]

I'm not sure why the green lines are showing - they don't show in any other program i have.  I have two NVIDIA Geforce GTX 980 gfx cards (the program is set to use only one of them).  Any help?


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What other external programs are you running with PCSX2? Maybe Fraps or the like?
Are you running any security software that can make programs run in a sandbox?
Yeah i was - comodo firewall. turned off its auto-sandboxing feature and that fixed it Smile

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