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Wiki down?
I'm seeing an error with the Mediawiki API ( not being enabled when loading Live Preview, suspect this is the cause. Can we enable the variable in LocalSettings.php to test.

Quote:MediaWiki API is not enabled for this site. Add the following line to your LocalSettings.php

I can confirm that Live Preview does call the API based on

We should also upgrade to 1.29 is considered a legacy version now although having said that release notes for the last 1.28 version and the latest 1.29 version don't mention any fixes to Live Preview.
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Setup Mediawiki 1.29 as a test and set wgEnableAPI to false and I can replicate the issue (Although 1.29 has changed the layout and presents and error not a loading symbol). You can confirm at with below details.

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Nice catch, it was that setting indeed. Although I had it set to false for a reason...check PM.
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Another thing I noticed. File Sizes have been capped at 2 MB again, can we get the higher than 2 MB uploads back on the Wiki for screenshots?
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