Wild Arms 3 Spells cause eventual crash 0.9.6 also Victory Screen
I saw that there was a bug entry in the old google code page, is there a fix available that I've failed to find?

Also whenever a battle ends the victory screens fades completely to black and if you press anything the game just starts up in the dungeon/world as normal so you can't see if anyone level'd or if you got a rare item

And I've searched the forums for the text fix to grey out the texture filtering box, and the chat boxes look great, but in the ingame menu, if you open up a sub-window, say Menu -> Character Status

the new window's text will be overlaid on the old one causing some text to be impossible to discern, also this coincides with 99% CPU usage aka massive slowdown (EDIT - this also happens in every shop/arms dealer/inn i.e. selecting things to sell or buy), I've tried the other graphics plugins, is there one particular setup that gets around this?

BTW if it's relevant, tech info is: quad Q9550, GTX 260 2xSLI, 3 GB RAM

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Sorry for the double post, but I've just found out that software rendering keeps the menu/store slowdown, which is completely tolerable, but gets rid of all of the text problems, unfortunately, even with 3 SW rend. threads and high priority, etc. It expectedly is still slow as heck (10-14 fps + concurrent sound slowdown in menu/store/battles) even on 4 cores.

Is there something wrong with my video card or settings? Since software rendering fixes the problem that hardware rendering has? No other settings are changed and in my Nvidia control panel, everything is set to off or let application decide with no optimizations or overrides of any kind.
Hardware does have bugs, while software will give you a less graphic bugs. But it won't use the video card at all, and it's slow. Simple as that.

The crashing problem with spell is known and it's another issue entirely

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