Wild Arms 3 Train Freeze
After fighting Janus on top of the Train the game just freezes after Virginia says "What's that noise?"

When I mean freeze the game doesn't go to the next script. The music and the background are still playing, you just can't skip the text.

I tested it on both 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 they freeze on the same spot.

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try convert your game disk to ISO then equip it using Linuz-ISO or CDVDoilo instead of cdvdgigahertz.
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I belive I had the same issue, but it was some time ago so Im not sure what fixed it. Try setting clamping mode to Extra or Full, or changing the VU0/1 to SuperVU. You could also try changing gsdx to software mode.
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Your problem is that you are playing with speed hacks enabled. Set the cyclerate to default and the vu stealing to none. Works in 0.9.6 and 0.9.7.
I've tried everything listed in this thread except for CDVDoilo; I have the exact same problem with WA3, but I'm running 0.9.8. I've also tried many other things, including everything I thought might remotely be connected in emulation settings. I've searched and searched, but no other thread on the forum really addresses this. Some help from anyone would be appreciated.
Have the same problem. None of this helps. Tried 0.9.7 and 0.9.8.

It seems the problem was in the image. Download other and freeze has stopped.
Oh? I'll give it a shot, but I made my own image.
Disable speedhacks when on the train. I encountered this problem before in this game using the 0.9.8 rev. Speedhacks break the game sometimes. It should play normally after you disable them. Then re-enable when your past it. It hangs periodically in battle when hacks are on. You should just disable them when you encounter it and renable after.
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Jadariin, I owe you one. I disabled each of them separately on my own, but it wasn't until I disabled them all by your recommendation that it worked. Many thanks, good sir, and to all who posted.

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