Wild Arms 4
Hi everyone.
I'm mediocre at utilizing Emulators however, I seem to have a problem that has come up extremely often with the pcsx2 emulator.

Could anyone explain why this occurs, or if there exists a solution for this?


# Playground version: PCSX2 R4918 (Heard it was most stable off a VP2 Thread)
# Cpu: EERec on, VUrecs on
# Plugins used: All Default, except GSdx4915 MVC 16.00 SSE41

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This doesn't look like a familiar error to me. Please try again with a recent SVN version:
You haven't copied any Visual studio runtimes into the pcsx2 folder have you?
@rama - Okay, I'll try again with the newest SVN version.

@Squall - No, I haven't tried to copy any visual studio runtimes into the pcsx2 folder, I just unzipped/extracted the binaries from pcsx2-r4600 into a folder on my desktop.
Ok, I've seen this occur where a user hasn't got the correct version of MSVC though, so install this

@Squall - Thanks, I downloaded it again, and adjusted some settings on the emulator and it works just fine now, although I learned that smashing "F1" to savestate is not a good idea because it'll crash the emulator. Silly me. Smile
Thanks again !

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