Wild Arms 4 Sunlight problem
Hi guys i got a question with Wild Arms 4.
In some scenes where i can see Sunlight, the complete screen will become white cuz of the sunlight.

Now my question cuz in the compat_list there is Wild Arms 4 [PLAYABLE] but such scenes are so bright i cant belive it.

Got a
Core2Duo E6300
Ati Radeo 1950 Pro

got anyone a answer to solve my problem ????

sry for my bad english i didnt know how i should write it ^^

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I think it's fixed if you turn on software rendering. Might be wrong.
If it is, maybe you can also try ZeroGS with various options on or off.
uh yeah when i do software rendering then its fixed ^^ but the FPS goes down to 11 then XD and it wont be anymore playable ^^
Well, things you can try are different options in GSDX, ZeroGS with various options and an older version of GSDX.

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