Wild Arms 4 lighting
Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone is able to play Wild Arms 4 without any problems.

I'm having a weird problem where the lighting effects in certain areas cause the screen to be totally bright, making it impossible to see anything. I searched these forums and found someone else with the same problem, but they recommended to use software rendering instead of hardware, which slows the game down to an unplayable speed. I've been trying different combinations of plugins and settings, but with no luck. Anyone know any way of making this game playable? It says "Playable" in the compatibility list...

*btw, first post. Sorry if I'm doing it wrong.*

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The same problem occured in WA5 back in 0.9.4, but was fixed a few beta versions later, still the issue remains in WA4.
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I know thAT YOU CAN ONLY FIX THIS BY USING SOFTWARE MODE IN gsdx though the problem now will be the speed of the game. Try using speedhacks. I too am waiting for the latest version of GSDX and hope that the problem will get solved.
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There is an advanced option to fix this in ZeroGS. you might wanna try that as well.
They fixed the lighting issue i think, atleast in the starting village you dont get a supernova when you go near the save village with version 3833 now Tongue2
Right... but there was no need to revive a year and a half old thread to say just that...
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