Wild Arms 5 - Bad lighting
Hello, there is my problem :

[Image: mini_897618Sanstitre.png]

So there is any solution to fix this bad lighting?

PS : i run the game with PCSX2 1.0.0

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Try with default config. Try the Software Mode.
What are your pc specs and pcsx2 settings.
The last time I tried that game(exactly on that place),it was working fine
My PC Config :
Intel® Core i3-2100 - 2Go RAM - NVidia 9500GT

My PCSX Config :

[Image: mini_730321pcsx2AppSettingsPlugins.png]

[Image: mini_653036Sanstitre.png]

the emulation seetings i let it as défault
Enable Native
Set Texture Filtering to half enabled
Enable Logarithmic Z
Disable Allow 8bit Texture
vsub, there not have changes too
recorder, if i make it ton Software mode the fps will decrease in 59.99 to 40 or 44.
Try the Alpha Hack. Can you try the DirectX 10 mode?
This should be fixed in DX10 mode.
In r5882 I still have the same problem Sad
And skipdraw=10 don't work on the map... but if I use higher skipdraw then some ennemies are hardly visible.
And in software mode it slow down during battle when you have more than 2 characters and you select your target.

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