Wild Arms 5 freezing and no audio?
So, i recently got a new laptop (Ge72 2QF Apache Pro) and i have been running Wild Arms 5 on it for about a month or so. I just recently got to a certain part of the game, and during one of the battle animations, the game freezes right at the very end of the animation and just hangs there while he battle music is still going on as normal.

Even after i turned off the battle animations, if i turned them on later and get into one, the game would freeze again. Also, the characters dont talk anymore, nor do the enemies in combat.

Im not very sure what the issue could be...has anyone else had the same problem, or is it just me?

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Are you using save states?
Did you tried to create a normal save=>restart pcsx2=>run the game and load the save(not save state)

Post your memory card save
Also,what are your pcsx2/gsdx/spu2-x settings...and which pcsx2 version are you using
It looks like the Save States were the issue. Im not having any problems so far, but here is the info you asked for:

I havent been saving anything to the memory cards, so there isnt anything on there for Wild Arms 5

PCSX2 1.2.1
Speedhacks and gamefixes off.
EE/IOP and VUs at default settings.

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yeah savestates aren't recommended because they save the entire emu state, which can sometimes contain issues that may show themselves later down the line. It's best to use memory card saves. ALso, i'd recommend switching to 1.4.0 after you make a proper memory card save.
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Thanks! Appreciate the help you guys Smile
What's up man. Can you help me im in the part where i did sidequest with jet u know deliver the humpy egg and getting the gella trick from tim.

But suddenly the characters is not talking anymore even with battle fights plus the game is freezing . I cannot progress with the game. And im using emulator thanks
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