Wild Arms 5 issue
Hi, I've been playing wild arms 5 for a while, but after I get past a certain part I just get a white screen. (It's right after the cutscene of everyone leaving the town right after Dean gets his ARMs) PCSX2 itself doesn't appear to be crashing, but the game just doesn't seem to be loading past this point. Any advice?

PCSX2: 1.0.0

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try pressing F9 when that happens
please post the emulog.txt after a crash
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(01-31-2013, 05:27 AM)riku44 Wrote: try pressing F9 when that happens

F9 didn't do anything.

And here's the emulog when it goes white.

That very last line pops up right after it goes white.

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F9 switches to software mode which can usually fix some cut scenes not appearing in some games guess this isn't one of them
Eh, I had tried software mode earlier. I don't even know if it's an issue with the graphics, because the background sounds don't stop or change when the cutscene ends and it goes into the white screen. It looks like the game just stops loading.

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