Wild Arms 5 movie freezing issue
After the first dungeon, a movie plays which won't go past this spot:

graphics: Gsdx 890 sse41 0.1.14 set to dx10 hardware
sound: spu2null
cdvdrom: linuz izo 0.8.0

no speedhacks, default cycle rate and everything set to defaults.

my computer is intel core 2 quad core at 2.3ghz

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Try running it with a different sound plugin.

I just finished this and I didnt have any problems.
[Image: Sig3copy.gif]
oh wow. the one sound plugin i forgot to try works.

thank you for the advice

P.E.Op.S. SPU2 1.9.0 worked if anybody else has this issue >.>
Hehehehhe good to hear your problem is solvedSmile
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