Wild Arms 5 sound issue
Apparently using either gigahertz and SPU2-X causes the game to freeze over completely, rendering it unplayable. ZeroSPU suffers from horrible skips in the sound (at least for me) and P.e.op.s has no time stretching which makes cut scenes..not work out too well..

Is there any alternative to this at all or am I better off playing with no sound? No, my computer cannot run this at 60 FPS constantly.

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This game was working fine to me with peops sound. I dont know what system/rig do you have, if you have trouble with sound mostly you rig can not catch up. So try with old pcsx2 with vu skip option on there, probably can give you great fps and try with newest gsdx plugin.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
VU skip makes the game occasionally hang for a few second and the higher VU skip, the worse it gets :/. I'm using Gsdx 1650 which I suppose is the latest. Haven't tried with an older version of PCSX2 though.
Personally played it with P.E.Op.S SPU2, ZeroSPU2 crashed it and SPU2-X had no sound at all...
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P.E.Op.S seems like the only option. I guess I'll just take my headphones off during cutscenes to prevent any spoilers due to the audio being way ahead of the video Tongue2.
Yea, not much else you can do for now.
This game uses a routine that screws up communication between SPU2 and the EE after a while.
It only works on peops spu2 due to its "unique" way of doing stuff Tongue2
Good thing P.E.Op.S was coded the way it is then, because if not we'd be forced to play WA 5 without sound and that'd be....pretty damn horrible.

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