Wild Arms: Alter Code F crashes + display issues
I've just set up this emulator, and the game runs at a good framerate (I usually run it full screen, but it does report 60FPS on startup, for whatever that's worth). There's no slowdown at any time, but PCSX2 likes to crash, especially in the berry cave. I can't seem to pin down exactly what the trigger (if any), but it seems to like to crash after moving from one room to another, and when you knock down the ladder.

There's also another issue involving the display being "jittery". The entire image likes to shake up and down. I've tried the interlacing options by hitting F5, but it either makes everything look really crappy, or ends up with every other line being slightly delayed from the previous lines, making every moving thing look weird.

My system specs are:
AMD Phenom II X6 @ 3.2GHz
ATI Radeon HD6870

Any help is appreciated.

Edit: I just tried Dark Cloud, and it had the same problems.

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Sorry for bumping up this old thread but the information is still current.

The screen shaking is fixed by VUCycleStealing=0 and the occasional crashes after cutscenes can be fixed by disabling MTVU speedhack.

The game only seems to run in DX9, DX11 makes the main character appear transparent and OGL crashes at startup.

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