Wild Arms alter Code F 0.9.8/1.0.0 directly from DVD
Setup win7 ultimate.

i7 3770k; 8 GB DDR3 1600; msi 7970 lightning.

using cdvd 0.1.0 to directly boot from the dual layer disc. After the ps2 logo EE jumps to 100% and pcsx2 (both the above versions) crashes/ doesn't respond anymore.

Tired native Resolution and 1080p, tried speedhacks etc. Tried various gsdx plugins.
I can run any normal Game from the DVD like Way of the Samurai 1&2, Shinobido and FF12. But even with that cdvd plugin which should support dual layer dvds I can't get wild Arms to work.

Any help with this one? Or do I need to create an iso? How would I do that?

Game Disc runs fine on my PS2 but grafiks are meh.

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I may be wrong(and maybe that bug was fixed)but the last time I tried that game,it was working only in software mode(or at least you gain control over the character(forgot his name))

Also,try using Gigahertz for CDVD plugin
I'll try software mode in a bit. Software mode isn't working. After the Playstation 2 the emu hangs up. I can't even get in the game.

Gigahertz isn't supporting the dvd 9. I always jump in the config menu and he can't read the disc. Only 2 memcards visible.
I've never used anything other than Gigahertz to load Gran Turismo 4 from the disk(which is DVD9)
If it wasn't reading DVD9 games,the game wouldn't even start(the intro is readed from the second layer)
well he just acts if there was no disc in my drive when starting wild arms @ gigahertz. I can however see the disc flies in my dvd folder....

Should I try making an iso? tips?
And you did configure it to read from the drive where the game is right?
For making an image,the best program is ImgBurn
yeah. like I said I only have problems with this game. I played 5 other games from the original disc with no probs.
Double layer disks give us some issues.
The recommended way to do this for now is creating an image using imgburn and running it
with the internal iso loader.
ok thx guys the img I burned with imgburn works now Smile

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