Wildarms 3 to many mediums.Codebreak/cheat related.
This not related to PCSX persay but to how codebreaker cheats effect the game even when its off.

It seems the game will lock you out of dim rootpath if you are using item cheats. Anyway so I hear the way to fix this is to put the mediums with extra numbers in the first few slots the use item codes to replace them.

Its something to consider when making cheats for this game I'd thought I would post about it.

Trying to see what works will edit this post once I get something to work but if anyone has any other fix's please post it.

So far tried this which set healberries and such to 1 then moved the mediums with more than 1 in them to it and moved them away and it shows 1 each but still says I have 24 mediums 0_o

Slot 1 1A5F7053 00000001
Slot 2 1A697053 00000001
Slot 3 1A737053 00000001
Slot 4 1A7D7053 00000001
Slot 5 1A877053 00000001
Slot 6 1A917053 00000001

Uhg this is annoying I'll try a different approach.



Start game without cheats, sort to consumables, save then put in this code
Slot 1 1A5F7053 00000000

Start the game then dump ALL the mediums in it,yes ALL. Then save then you can open the door in dim rootpath.

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