Will Final Fantasy X work with this specs?
Hi everyone,i'd like to know if FFX will run decently on my desktop PC

My specs are
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
AMD Athlon 64 3800+ 2.4 Ghz (Single core)
Sapphire Radeon HD5450 1 GB

I know the CPU would normally give poor performance,but can it give stable 50 FPS at least? (PAL version) Should i overclock the CPU?

(Also,it's better to make a backup of my FFX or directly load it into the DVD Driver?)

Thanks to everyone Biggrin

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- make a backup using imgbun (www.imgburn.com)
- if you can overclock your CPU, do it.

But you'll probably get slodowns from time to time.
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Thanks for the answer,i'll do a backup then Biggrin.
Without overclock the CPU reaches 51°,if i overclock it,won't it cause issues? If i saw correctly somewhere,this CPU can't stand more than 55°,but i'm not sure really,i'm just scared to fuse it Tongue
I had an Athlon 64 3700+ a long time ago, so basically the same chip. I can tell you some things:

You won't be running FFX on it at anywhere near full speed. 20 FPS (1/3 speed) if you are lucky.

I had mine at 2.7Ghz, as high as 2.84, and I ran at about 65C for years and had no problems.

Edit: 70C seems to be the max safe temp for your chip. But "Above 60 is not recommended"
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Oh well then,if i'd want to change it,which would make FFX run fine? Should a X2 do the trick? or else,which CPU should i try? I'd like to know something with similar power consumption (50-60W),not like the FX 8150 (125W) LOL
EDIT: I also don't want to overclock the CPU too much,cause the GPU has the cooler without the fan,and that would overheat it,i think.

(08-01-2014, 06:29 PM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: Edit: 70C seems to be the max safe temp for your chip. But "Above 60 is not recommended"
EDIT2:Well it's good to know really.
BTW is the GPU good enough? I bought it like 1 month ago,and it'd be a real waste to change it so soon. Closedeyes
you could take a look at an APU from AMD. The New Kaveri chips are just released. I bought for my mom the A10-7850k which has a TDP of 95W.

take a look here about the newest ones from AMD Smile

Yeah that's a good CPU,plus for the integrated GPU as well,but i wanted something around 40-50€ (53-67$) with CPU only (i think dual core is enough for my goal),because buying something like that would mean to discard the GPU i already have,or else discarding the integrated one,both choices are a total waste for me. Correct me if i'm wrong please. XD
well the card onboard is faster then what you have, my mom has the exact same card (Low Profile and passively cooled though) the onboard card in the APU is a R7 card, but ofcourse it is your own choice, but you won't be able to get a brand new CPU for that money anymore though not without a new motherboard ofcourse. Those x2s of AMD aren't obtainable new anymore, thus you need to buy a used one. I would say try to look for more info or see if you can get a little more money. Those APUs are quite affordable and the motherboards aren't that expensive. I bought for my mom an A10-7850k which was pricey, but the boards go from approx. 40 to 80 euro's.
Okay then,i'll see what i can do for both the APU and the motherboard,in case,i'll let you know,thanks for the tips really Laugh
No problem, but if you really want to keep your 5450 you always can see if you still can get your hands on a Phenom II, but those are kinda rare to get in a new state and otherwise you always can look towards an Intel, which also have some slower/cheaper models.

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