Will Gantz the game be playable?
So it's really late and i havent even downloaded the emulator yet (dont flame on me *puppydogeyes* )
So anyway, will Gantz: The game be playable on this emulator? If so will it require any extra settings or so (different from what can be found on youtube and probably on the forums)?
It's a japanese game for ps2 (duh), not really much more to say.
Plz help teh n00b Tongue

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According to the compatability list the game is playable on the latest beta. The list does not offer any other details and I dont have the game so I cant say if any special settings are required. So youll have to try diffrent configurations, unless someone else on this forum has played it.
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Yes it's totally working, I've finished this game 2 months ago using the 0.9.7 3117 version so rest assured you can play it until the end.

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