Will IOP speed hacks ever be revisited?
I remember one of the features removed after 0.96 was the IOP cycle rate hack. It was buggy, unstable, and unpredictable. However, on some games, it gave a noticeable speed boost (Wipeout Fusion gave me an extra 4 fps on average when it worked). Granted this speed hack was full of fail and headaches, it certainly had its benefits.

But PCSX2 has come a long way since 0.96, and there seems to be better understanding of how the hardware works. Is it likely (or possible) that IOP speed hacks will be explored again in the future, or is it something that is too interdependent on EE to be stable?

Just curious.

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The IOP has been far more effectively speedhacked for a while with the idle loop hack (which has recommended status).

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