Will Jak 3 work on my computer?
Hi. I am new to the forums, and i have a question. I, ever since my PS2 died, wanted to emulate my favourite game of all, Jak 3. Now, i know how to emulate and stuff, i did emulate a game for the PS1 (Raystorm) and it worked great. The problem is that i don't know if the PS2 emulator will run on my PC at a smooth framerate. I will post my specs here:

Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit
4 GB Ram DDR3
Intel Core Quad 2.66 Ghz
Nvidia Geforce GTX 550 Ti

Do i need to use some speedhacks to improve upon the performance, or will my PC run the game without needing those?

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probably you haven't read Will it Work on PCSX2 . I don't think it should go slow because i don't have the game.

Try the Game. if it goes slow then use speedhacks/frameskip etc.

Use the latest SVN PCSX2 and tick the MTVU Hack. It makes advantage of 3 Cores.
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I did read the post but it didn't mention my processor so i wasn't sure, i guess i will try the game out later when i get access to the aforementioned computer.
@coltee in 3 words.....'it will work'......but fast???? I don't know about that....try the things recoder told u to.......i think u might get playable fps using speed hacks.....also if custom res. Is too slow for you try native.....

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