Will PCSX2 Run On my PC

i have high end pc but i am asking this since i installed a game but it doesnt run very good :/

My pc Specs are the following:

- CPU: AMD FX 9370 8 Core
- Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 290X
- 8GB Ram

I installed DragonBall Budokai 3. I have some lags in the screen. Whats going on?

thank you

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maybe cool n quiet?
Enable MTVU. Check your temps on core temp. 9xxx series runs hot as hell.
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(05-13-2014, 04:04 AM)Blyss Sarania Wrote: Enable MTVU. Check your temps on core temp. 9xxx series runs hot as hell.

Are these plugins ok? The GS Settings are fine?
[Image: Untitled1.png]
Its good,in games only playable in software mode you can use extra rendering threads 3 or 4.(depends of the numbers of clock of your processor)

If you have speed problem you can disable shade boost and FX shader.

You yet if you can better resolution in the games you can use the custom resolution or and the scale X(*)

Edit-Like Blyss Sarania already said to you,you can use the MTVu speedhackers for more speed when you really need this,ok.
shadebooster provides 0 output lag. it's just monitor settings, it doesn't affect speed at all
I also don't get why the graphics should be reduced.
Probably he will never be gpu-limited or?

Even if I would not expect slowdowns you can also enable all speedhacks that are listed as recommended.

Do you use directly the disk or an iso-image?

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