Will PCSX2 kill my DELL XPS-17 Laptop? It's running at 60-70C?
Here are the details of my laptop:
Intel Core i5-2410M processor (2.30 GHz with Turbo Boost 2.0 up to 2.90 GHz)
17.3 inch HD+ (900p) WLED Display
7200 RPM Drive
NVIDIA GeForce GT 550M 1GB graphics with Optimus
Integrated Webcam
500 GB SATA Hard Drive

I'm currently running FFX and everything is working fine. However, the temperature of my cores range from 60-70C while I'm playing. Is this a problem? Is this too much for my laptop to handle? Should I not play this or just let it cool down every hour or so? I just don't want my laptop to stop working at its best or die completely. Thanks everyone!

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Those temps are pretty normal and acceptable, especially from a laptop.
PCSX2 is a demanding application, just like any other 3D games you happen to run there. As Rezard pointed out, those temps are normal but still hot and you should seriously consider cooling supports/bases for it if not already.
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It is normal temp for laptops.

If you're still worry, runs a demanding game such as Crysis or Battlefield 3 and see how high your computer temp is.
Those temps are actually good, but then again FFX is not a demanding game. I don't know about the XPS 17 but I had the 15" model and the cooling was terrible. My i7 would reach over 90C in some of the more intense games. My new laptop never goes over 70C
Dell will kill your Dell XPS laptop.
Cheapest solution for a laptop is to buy a Coolingplate u put at the rear, they aren't that expensive, here in The Netherlands u have a decent Aluminum look from Sweex for 20 euro's (New) Smile It's only a stand with 3 fans (Mostly) Built-in and u put your laptop on it, to help it cool a bit better, but don't expect miracles, but atleast it'll help a bit.

Look at this pic as an example of what I mean:

[Image: Sweex_Notebookkoeler_aluminium_01.png]

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