Will PCSX2 run at full speed on my pc if...
My question is, would it be possible to make pcsx2 run at full speed on my current computer if overclock my 2.8 GHZ Intel Pentium dual core cpu to 4.0 ghz with an upgrade in cooling? I am dual booting running windows xp and Ubuntu 10.10. and I have a windows media center 2005 edition

I currently have 1 gb of ram, and I dont know if I need more to run it at full speed, I dont even know if my cpu is compatible with overclocking at all. I havent done much research, because first I want to make sure its even possible with the setup I already have before I can take this idea seriously

Id appreciate any help!

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What's your graphics card? What games are you running in the emulator?

Depending on the game and if it's currently limited by CPU or GPU you should be able to run many games at full speed then, but again depends on the game and if it's currently limited by graphics card there's not much overclocking will help with.
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many games would run @ full speed, yes.
But trying to overclock from 2.8 to 4.0 Ghz sounds risky to me.
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My graphics card is an nVidia geforce 8400gs 512mb I know its outdated. Problem is my pc will only support pci 1.0, so I dont have many options to upgrade the card. Would overclocking to maby 3.5-3.6 ghz get most games to play at full speed with an older gpu like mine, and a few speed hacks on, Or would my outdated motherboard be the bottleneck here?
I know you could play most 2D games and FFX n FFX-2 with that GPU easily
and some harder ones if you know some tricks.

Not related to Pcsx2 but I can get a full fps resoultuin of 1024x600 on Mirror's Edge with my current specs which ain't bad I think Tongue given most the people on the forums were like "no no no no at least dual 2.4Ghz or it's unplayable." Laugh
Uh... mirror's edge is a PC game and it's minimum requirement is a pentium 4 2.4GHz, that 1.8GHz core 2 duo is much better than the minimum and the graphics card is also over the minimum but doesn't mean it'll look nice or playable for lots of people. Difference with PCSX2 is you actually want to have better hardware since you want those 60FPS most of the time unlike PC games where even 25FPS is considered smooth and playable and PCSX2 not having much on "low quality" settings (other than resolution that is Tongue2

Besides... the definition of "unplayable" depends on the person, I mean... for example Saiki can "play" Crysis on a pentium dual-core @2.2ghz with a 8600gt on high settings which is definitely not gonna be playable for most of people Laugh
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Well I can play it at my monitor's full 1440x900 as well and it dosen't "Lag" but just dosen't have that complete "Smoothness" That I like in games, especially Mirror's Edge but yeah looking at the requirements your right, the woman that was on the forum must of been talking crap Tongue
Well right now im playing FFX on my pc after hours and hours of fine tuning pcsx2 lol the game is def playable, but is pretty choppy FFX-2 is the same, only the FMV's are so choppy and slow, id almost consider the game not worth playing. Theres no way im playing Grand turismo period. The game had about 20-30 fps, and that was before I even got to the actual racing Sad

Another thing I started researching just now, is another low price motherboard. Can I safley assume that an over clocked 4.0 ghz dual core intel pentium with 4 gb ram and an nVidia GeForce 9800 Gtx would do th trick? I may be able to build it for a reasonable price, but I have to research more.
That overclock ain't an amateur job Sad
At 4ghz your set for pretty much any game pcsx2 is compatible with. I wouldnt recommend such a high overclock if your new at overclocking though. Depending on the games you want to play 3.5-3.6ghz would probably do the trick.
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