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Will PCSX2 run with reasonable speed at this system?
(08-02-2014, 12:32 AM)Rassane Wrote: The 8800 might outperformance the 520 in some aspects, but it's outdated technology. Also the memory is really bad too. The 520 is better IMO

Why is the RAM bad? Every 8800 variant is faster and has higher memory bandwidth than the GT520.

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I meant the amount of memory, which could prove to be a problem if OP means to play new games besides emulating. I had issues playing skyrim on my laptop just because the graphics cards only had 256MB (2x 8700m in sli) since Skyrim can eat up a lot of vram, and other games can too
OK, thanks for all the suggestions... I am getting 9500 GT with a little more difference... So here goes my last question I guess:

9500 GT (DDR2) vs. 520... Is there a huge difference? Or something like just 100% and 75%?


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