Will PSX2 Run Smoothly?
Yah sorry, I looked through the sticky yush but i'm really dumb when it comes to those sort of things :#

AMD Athlon II Dual Core M300 2.0Ghz
4GB of Ram
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200
Windows 7 Home Premium

I just wanted to be on safe side ^^; please help me thank you.

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some light games should work fine if you don't care about graphics.
forget about intesnsive ones. Both cpu/GPu are weak for pcsx2
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Mkay many thanks ^^ xD saves me the attempt of trying shadow of the colossus
I got the first Kingdom Hearts to run somewhat decently on a laptop with the same specs (though half the memory, although that shouldn't be any different). Destiny Islands is a little bit laggy, but the rest of the game usually runs well enough.

You will not be able to run many more of the more powerful games though. KH1 is one of the easiest games to get running well on the emulator. You'll probably be able to get some games with heavy 2D elements working well, like Disgaea. I did also get Jak and Daxter to run at playable speeds (though somewhat laggy at times). Shadow of the Colossus would be out of the question.

I guess it goes without saying though, even with the weaker games you'll need to apply liberal use of speedhacks and keep the resolution to the minimum.
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I always recommend people never to play heavy games or emulators on a notebook/laptop, since it's always slower then a desktop. And since u have the mobility CPU + GPU it's quite slow, but like Jes already said u should be able to play some of the lighter games, for example Final Fantasy X, I think IX wouldn't be a problem either, not sure though never played it myself.
FF IX is a ps1 game so that wouldnt be any problems.
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pff where am I with my head lol and here I thought it was a PS2 title hahaha, though I've heard they're planning to revamp FF9 aswell for the PS3, but that might be a rumour just like FF7 Tongue

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