Will Shadow of the Colousus run in my Laptop?
Hello, I'm just wondering if Shadow of the Colossus run on my Laptop. It overall speed when I  boot it up us around 40-50. Is there a way to make this game run any faster, I haven't had this problem when playing Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2. I'm using pcsx2 Version 1.4.0 if that matters.

Laptop Stats
Processor- Intel 6th GEN CORE i7-6700HQ
Graphic Card- Nvidia's Latest Geforce GTX 1060
System Memory- 16GB
I would really appreciate the help. Thank You.

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Without speedhacks no...my CPU is faster and I also can't run it at full speed without using speed hacks
Actual PS2 cant even run it... i have it on a real ps2 and its a very laggy game. Often below 20fps, if you would get 40-50 real fps then your getting double of what the ps2 actually gets with that game.

A 6700hq should be fine, as does an 4771, the game is just laggy, you could try overclocking the EE core in PCSX2s speedhacks.

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