Will converting NTSC to PAL give a speed boost?
I'm currently running Persona 3 (NTSC) at 100% most of the time, but during some battles I drop down to 75-80% and things slow down.

I was wondering if I would get a speed boost from converting the iso to PAL since it would run at 50fps instead of 60fps hence less frames to render. This should equal a speed boost right?

If so, does anyone know of a NTSC to Pal converter that works on Windows 7? I've tried one that I found through google but it does not run on Windows 7, even when using compatibility modes for XP and Vista.
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In theory? Yes... in practice? I'm not so sure. With persona 4 I did just that (convert my NTSC copy to PAL) and there was a small speed up of maybe 2-3fps, but it's not huge, and it's not at all parts of the game. You have to remember that you're still processing the exact same amount of data from most of the machine, only displaying a few less frames.
shouldn't make a difference, it would be the same as just setting your custom fps limit to 50 with ntsc games. the pal version of a game is usually just a slowed down ntsc version. oh, and no support for questions about tools to "patch" your game images on this forum, afaik.
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Nope, that was on my experiment. tested it out through a PAL game which you can choose 50Hz or 60 Hz stands for 50FPS or 60FPS for normal speed respectively.

percentage of speed shown beside FPS is equivalent on GSdx window title, Evidently FPS showed are different, due to different foundation of FPS calculation system.
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Well I guess it's not worth the hassle to only get one or two more % out of it. Too bad, the idea looked good on paper. Thanks for the infor everyone.

I agree with what Saiki posted in that other thread. This should really be added to the FAQ. Since it seems like it is a "Frequently Asked Question".
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yes, it should be, but I don't think they're going to.

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