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Hey folks, sorry for sounding so noobish but I've only recently started emulating as of 4 days ago and I don't really know that much about the capabilities and specs of my computer. However, I do know that I have a 2 gig ram, a 2.0ghz CPU and a nVidia GeForce 8200M G Graphics Card. I only have a laptop at the moment and I figured basic laptops are really bad for running performance heavy games. I have a HP g-60 Notebook and I can run a decent amount of games at Low-Medium Quality, Which I'm fine with but I vaguely remember PS2s don't require much in the graphics department if I remember correctly from looking at flat objects and textures on some of my old ps2 games Like Dark Cloud, God of war, Dragon Quest VIII etc. But I was in slim hope of being able to Emulate my ps2 on my computer because mine decided it wanted to die one day. Mainly the games I've been wanting to play are things along the lines of Mortal Combat Deception, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Monster Rancher 3-4, Jak and Daxter 1-3, Gran Turismo 3-4, and Cabella's Big Game Hunter. I have most of these games so I'm not asking for pirated copy's or anything just wondering If I'll be able to run them on my Rig at a decent 50%-100%. I've played Monster Rancher 4 already on my PC and it wasn't amazing, but it was playable albeit slow at times, and Fast at other times. I did have the most recent beta build of PCSX2 0.9.7, but I never could the the GS plugins to work aside from ZeroGS but I downgraded to the 0.9.6 build and I can run MR4 areound 25-40% performance while my CPU clocks out at 99%, which I'm aware means it's at it's limit I looked over the compatibility list for the games I'm wanting to play and so far they can all be played if I read the key right. Thanks for your time and Reading my massive wall of text.


tl;dr: What are the minimum specs required for running PCSX2 at a decent 50-100% and do I have them?

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honestly, no, you don't have them.

2.0 ghz is quite weak for pcsx2 and your low 8200m GPU won't help either.
unfortunately, most of the games you mentioned are quite demanding and would require more a 3.0 Ghz dual core and at least a 9800 GT to run propperly.
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*Sigh* I figured as much, guess I have a taste for demanding games, but a weak computer. Thanks for the help Jesalvein Much Obliged. Might need to look into getting a new PS2 >.< Oh Well. Question(s) Answered. Thanks again and have a good day/evening/night.
Wow, seems like your HP is almost the same as mine (see profile).

The 8200M G is quite weak. So much to the point where even native resolution can be too much. I can tell you it's capable of running FFX on low resolution to a very acceptable degree, but most of the games you're targeting sure are some of the heavy one's, indeed. The way I see it, the 8200M G comes pretty close to said "minimum" for some games, and may do the trick on native (or below). Especially if you consider anything over 50% to be decent. Realistically, it's more of a "bare minimum" to get things moving. At the very least, many games should not look like a slide show, ya know? One other good thing about the 8200M G is that it's better than an Intel GMA 4500M.

In conclusion; it's one of those "don't expect miracles" kinda cases. Even games that run OK will still see lag/slow-downs from time to time. Most games may be too much, but some you can get playable. Don't be affraid to try resolution under native (i.e. 480x360). You may find it tolerable and there will be times it will help you achieve better speed.

As for your CPU, is that 2.0Ghz dual core? If it is, you should be able to get 50% speed or more with Speedhacks on a lot of games, but that's not necessarily including any of the one's you mentioned. If it's a single core, let's just hope it's modern/newer (i.e. not a P4, Celeron or first generation AMD). Just don't give up until you try!

I know that I'm basically telling you to try games other than those you've mentioned, but if those are the only games you care to play, then I'd say Monster Rancher 3 is the one of those likely to be the most "playable" on your system AFAIK.

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