Will my CPU run PCSX2?
It's a 2nd Generation Core-i7, or "Sandy Bridge", product model - 2600k.

[Image: cpune.png]

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what is your video card?
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(03-02-2012, 04:10 PM)tallbender Wrote: what is your video card?

It is an nVidia "Geforce", product model - GTX 480.

[Image: 4sx.png]
Yeah your PC is pretty sweet for PCSX2, so go ahead and run your games
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(03-02-2012, 04:19 PM)Bositman Wrote: Yeah your PC is pretty sweet for PCSX2, so go ahead and run your games

You sure? How does it compare?
hey..he is an admin Tongue he surely knows Laugh
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CPU is one of the best on the market, GPU is pretty high end too. How did you buy these parts/computer and not know how good they are?

EDIT: Rofl, your CPU is overclocked to 5.1ghz. Either OP is oblivious to how powerful his computer is or he's posting to brag.
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You better underclock your procesoor.
You don't wanna crap your pants when you actually try.
Lol I just saw, 1.52 v? You will either soon fry your processor or found the pic on the net and are just trolling.
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Ten bucks says that 2600K is already dead. Laugh

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