Will my PC handle MGS3 emulation?
AMD Athlon X2 5400+
Gf 9800GT

Or any other game... Blush

And generic question to emu coders - is it bttr to upgrade RAM or CPU in my case?

Compatibility list for MGS3 shows Greenlight for US ver, and blue one for EU

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upgrade CPU if you want playable speeds.
this game is a CPU hog
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(09-07-2013, 08:21 PM)jesalvein Wrote: upgrade CPU if you want playable speeds.
this game is a CPU hog

I'll expand this further... No CPU that will fit your mobo will be good enough for MGS3. You're going to need a new motherboard and CPU. The side effect though is that you'll also need new ram as newer motherboards no longer accept DDR2.
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Oh my gosh... get an upgrade.
I used to have an X2 the time I used pcsx2 in 2005/2006, those are terrible slow.
You might be able to play Final Fantasy X or Kingdom Hearts with playable speed but not fullspeed all the time.
And forget about MGS3, I remember that I couldn't even play that game on my C2D E6700 at fullspeed.

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^Really, every processor was slow for PCSX2 back then. The Athlon 64 x2 was a very popular CPU in its time for the high performance it was capable of. Didn't matter what CPU you had at that time though, since PCSX2 was still evolving and many games weren't playable.

But yeah, @TC: You really need to get a new motherboard so you can get a modern CPU. You'll also need to swap out your RAM for some DDR3 RAM since no modern processors or boards support DDR2.
that AMD is long overdue on a heavy demanding games. except that video card "GT 9800"
get a new cpu now and GT 9800 is to stay-put.
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that 9800gt is aging hardware I would replace that too a 450gts is better then the the 9800gt at this point

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