Will my PC run PCsx2 fine?
Just got a new PC from working I know I asked a question before but got a decent check and decided to build my PC so I was wondering if my PC could run PCSx2 well. Here is my specs. Sorry I didn't know where to post this. Games I'm most focused on are KHIIFM+ and Shadow of the Colossus. I am hoping I can run HD shaders/mods and the game at 4k at decent speeds. Thanks. Smile I'm pretty excited when I finally got to build my PC. I had a friend help me built it but it was worth it. Smile Sorry if I asked this in the wrong forum. Just curious is all. Thank you. Laugh

Ryzen 5 1600
64GB RAM "Nearly Maxed out" Sorry had to edit"
Radeon RX 570 4GB VR Ready Graphics card "Card supports 4k"

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KH2FM+ should run flawlessly. if you try to run it in 4k, you may still expect a few slowdowns, though.
Shadow of the colossus won't run in 4k, but should be full speed in 720p, maybe in 1080p
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getting to native x8 need catastrophic resources...unless it's ryzen 7 and a pair RX 580(SLI)
and ati has limited usage on OGL as well.
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A LOT of games will play well on that machine. I dont know what its stp is.. stock its about 1900.. little lower than that 3770 you see in my signature. I'm sure you can get it to perform better via overclocking than that 3770.

I used to run the 570 in the system with the 3770 (in a system with both... not that exact system). You shouldn't have issues with just about anything.. I never used OGL with my 570, only dx. Yes, that means my games arent' quite as accurate and I'm using an older plugin.. That card seemed happy running anything I've wanted to throw at it at 6x, 60 fps.

Now stuff like SotC... I had to use speed hacks to maintain a 50+ fps on that 3770 (stp of 2100ish). I was running at 3x native on the gtx 750 ti in the signature using OGL. I cannot say how the 570 would compare, but I think it would outperform if you use dx and dont worry about absolute perfection. Your proc may hold you back a bit with SotC though.. I dunno. I dont think passmark is properly grading ryzen based systems right now for stp. My 1950x has a score of about 2000 at stock 3.4ghz clock, and it stays the same at 3.9ghz... But cinnebench single core scores show a decent improvement in single core performance with the same overclock..
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