Will my computer run pcsx2 decent?
Hi, I got pcsx2 downloaded and running.
I just wanna know if I got a good enough computer.

My specs are
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.83
Ram: DDR3 8 GB
Video Card: nVIDIA 8600 GTX
OS: Windows 7 64-bit

if you need anything else please ask.

Also, if my computer is good enough, what specific settings should i use for the emulator?

I've got both 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 downloaded and running well.

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better than my PC, define "decient" please? everyone has a different opinion on it.
decent like, everything in world shows up. the sound doesn't skip, no lag, or barely any. you know?
well, with my pc I'm getting on average 1/2 with intense games. I'm running 2.2 and a 8600GT 512

my assumption from the speed of your pc is it SHOULD work perfectly fine at native, but as you scale up I have no idea

and some games still have graphic bugs, it has nothing to do with your pc, it is still being worked on
(these are off the top of my head)
Hot Persuit 2 for example has really bad fog rendering, works fine in SW mode, but for me to run that on SW mode I get 1/4 speed. on HW I get close to 75%
and FF12 has some sound issues, but nothing major
oh alright, I'm trying to get GTA San Andreas to work good. The problem with that game is that it has this little subtle mirroring thing. Like i'll see the chracter in the middle of my screen, then I'll see a very subtle copy of him like a couple inches to the left.

lemme see if I have a picture...


i'll circled it where you can see CJ's arm faded.

it's very subtle but you can notice it when you play first.

i'm also having a lot of trouble with Simpsons Road Rage, but maybe as you said, it's not my computer, it's just graphically challenged.
Try in software mode if it bothers you. No idea how that'll impact your speed though, mine sinks (EE2000)
personally I say if you can see things in a decient fassion deal with it. My motto anyway
play the GTA SA the PC version..
no bugs and good speed..
no questions ask..

ur spec can run fine with most no to intense 3D game..
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