Will my system be able to run all supported games on fullspeed?
I realise some games may be slow still but with all the possible tweaking/hacks/options etc. might it still be possible to play all supported games @ full speed?

i7 2600k @ 4700 mhz
2x 4gb= 8 gb ddr2 1333 mhz
GTX 570 1280 MB
7200 RPM Sata 3 HDD

I realise most games will run well on this system, but my question is, what games won't? And would a better system benifice those games much or is it really mostly a emulation thing that needs improving?


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Yeah it will Tongue
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It will run maximum of the games at fullspeed. Overclocked Intel i7 Sandy Bridges are perfect for running many games. Currently I don't think any better CPU is there. Its best for pcsx2(till now) Tongue2
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it will run at "Most" games at 1.0 speed.

don't expect improvements on Cinematic type FPS games Dark Cloud 2,DQ8,FFX,FFX-2,FF12,Grandia series,MGS3,Tenkaichi 3,KH1,2 are Cinematic FPS type it will do the actual FPS as the actual PS2.

While the Real-Time FPS(Vmax) games will be the same as the actual PS2 e.g. Legaia2,MGS2,Tekken Series,Dark Cloud 1,WWE series,ZOE series,GOW series,Bukodai(NOT Tenkaichi)
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That's good to hear! Smile

I remember getting near full speed on tenkaichi 3 on my E6400 @ 2.6 ghz lol Not sure why you name it.

But what you mean to say is, if a ps2 game is locked to 30 fps it will do 30 fps or if a game has slowdowns on the actual ps2 it will have actual slowdowns in emulation I guess?

Haven't tried MGS3 yet..

Well newer cpu's Ivy bridge are coming soon.

Btw does pcsx 2 support ps1 emulation aswell? Is something being planned like a VPN for pcsx2? Alike tunngle/hamachi so we can co-op/splitscreen over the net on some games that support it? Or server hack/emulation.
No for ps1 emulation, use a ps1 emulator like ePSXe.
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