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Will my system be able to run all supported games on fullspeed?
I realise some games may be slow still but with all the possible tweaking/hacks/options etc. might it still be possible to play all supported games @ full speed?

i7 2600k @ 4700 mhz
2x 4gb= 8 gb ddr2 1333 mhz
GTX 570 1280 MB
7200 RPM Sata 3 HDD

I realise most games will run well on this system, but my question is, what games won't? And would a better system benifice those games much or is it really mostly a emulation thing that needs improving?


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Yeah it will Tongue
[Image: newsig.jpg]
It will run maximum of the games at fullspeed. Overclocked Intel i7 Sandy Bridges are perfect for running many games. Currently I don't think any better CPU is there. Its best for pcsx2(till now) Tongue2
it will run at "Most" games at 1.0 speed.

don't expect improvements on Cinematic type FPS games Dark Cloud 2,DQ8,FFX,FFX-2,FF12,Grandia series,MGS3,Tenkaichi 3,KH1,2 are Cinematic FPS type it will do the actual FPS as the actual PS2.

While the Real-Time FPS(Vmax) games will be the same as the actual PS2 e.g. Legaia2,MGS2,Tekken Series,Dark Cloud 1,WWE series,ZOE series,GOW series,Bukodai(NOT Tenkaichi)
MAIN RIG:i5-7600(3.5ghz)GTX 1050Ti 4GB/128bit/gddr5,Win 10 Pro(x64),ASUS ROG B250G,16GB HyperXFury ddr4 RAM,Samsung M.2-SSD 500GB
SUB RIG:i5-4670(3.4Ghz),ATi Radeon HD7770(GDDR5+128-bit+1GB),Win 10 SL(x64),ASUS H8M-E,8GB DDR3 RAM
That's good to hear! Smile

I remember getting near full speed on tenkaichi 3 on my E6400 @ 2.6 ghz lol Not sure why you name it.

But what you mean to say is, if a ps2 game is locked to 30 fps it will do 30 fps or if a game has slowdowns on the actual ps2 it will have actual slowdowns in emulation I guess?

Haven't tried MGS3 yet..

Well newer cpu's Ivy bridge are coming soon.

Btw does pcsx 2 support ps1 emulation aswell? Is something being planned like a VPN for pcsx2? Alike tunngle/hamachi so we can co-op/splitscreen over the net on some games that support it? Or server hack/emulation.
No for ps1 emulation, use a ps1 emulator like ePSXe.

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