Will pcsx2 0.9.7 have ''VU skip'' option?
Hi there.

I have question about future release as the topic says, the pcsx2 0.9.6 have this but i didn't see this option at beta 1888. It greatly improves emulution speed and makes some games playable even on my athlon x2 2.7ghz. It would be great if the 0.9.7 have this option.


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No it won't. There was a thread explaining why but I can't seem to find it now.
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In a nutshell:
VU skip breaks emulation badly, is a pain to code so that it works on at least a few games
and caused many erroneous reports from users wondering where their graphics went.
The whole team decided to get rid of this mother of a hack, and this decision stands. Tongue2
What is VU skip? Is that the same thing as VU cycle stealing?
VU cycle stealing is still in 0.9.7, i've been using it lately lol! VU skip was some kind of frameskip alternative. I couldn't really ever get it to work properly as it makes the entire game flash badly and it didn't really help speed much. It was really bad, i'd rather play games at half speed than have to deal with the epileptic seizure inducing flashing.

I wonder though if there will ever be some kind of other frameskip to help with the speed?
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I try not to use VU skip or frameskip if I can avoid it, but I agree with one of the previous posters, VU skip was a pain, it always made the game flash horribly. Also like they said, from my experience with the pre-alpha they removed it entirely. Good riddance
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Hmm i have tried lots of games with vu skip like gran turismo 3-4, tekken 4, tekken 5, cebelas big game hunter, silent hill 4, smack down 2006 worked without problems and increased my fps 10-15 sometimes 20. I think the real ''frame skip'' option is useless it dont affect speed also makes game choppy. It seems nobody likes vu skip expect me in this forum lol.
Also I find it very easy to spot errors in all those games with VU skip on.
You're just not minding them much, but we have to.
if my eyes capture 1000 fps, then the vu skip is horrible Tongue

the problem is your eyes...
VU skip basically decided to NOT run the VU programs, regardless of what the programs did, whenever frameskip was skipping a frame.
If the game HAPPENED to run the VU program for the active frame, and ONLY ran VU programs related to graphics of the active frame, then it worked.
The other 95% of the time, it didn't.

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