Will pcsx2 add a compression function for an ISO?
I'm swash and I'm a newer here.
I believe this forum would be much better with some changes,the one below for example.

As is known,the file size of a full ISO is often large.
Some users and I would like to place more files not only stuff about games.
If pcsx2 will be able to compress an ISO into a smaller size,like Dolphin,isn't it better?

Thank you for reading and replies!

PS: Another function of Dolphin,file properties in the right-click menu,is also worthy.

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You can do that if you use Linuz ISO cdvd plugin instead of the pcsx2 ISO loader.
However I'd recommend you simply NTFS compress your ISOs folder, compress/covert to another format could have extra errors.
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NTFS compression is definitely recommended for PS2 games. Due to their size and the style of image access used by the PS2, the sort of compression stuff Dolphin uses for Gamecube games isn't really applicable. NTFS compression is nearly as good as the gzip compression built into CDVDiso, and its fast, reliable, and doesn't require that you maintain separate copies of your iso in the event you want to use the iso in something else other than PCSX2.
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and how do you do a ntfs compression? from the setting in the "advanced attributes" of the file?
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Yeah Advanced Properties of a folder
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Thank you all above!
I'll try later.

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