Will pcsx2 run on my pc with these specs?
Hey recently i found out how to play on pcsx2 with a ps4 controller.
I tried to play ratchet & clank going commando but the fps dropped from 50-80 to 2..

these are my specs: http://prntscr.com/8ich7d

If i can, can someone please help me config the pcsx2? 
Thanks a lot !!

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someone help please
what are your EE and GS values during slowdowns ? R&C games are known to be processor demanding.
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That game is really cpu heavy but you can get nice speed boots by setting the "VU Cycle Stealing" speed hack to 1.
Also about the renderer:
This is while using my intel card without the speedhack(since you have intel gpu)at the beginning of the game
DX11 - 32fps
DX9 - 75fps
OGL - 100fps
thanks a lot going to try Wink
Actually the result is little wrong but still OGL is the fastest
Vsub, your PC is infinitely faster that what the OP has. Even my PC doesn't get full speed, and it's faster than the OPs laptop.
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