Will some games work?
hey. im going to get a new pc for christmas and i want to make sure pcsx2 works fine with it Smile i was looking at one and i checked the specs thread thats stickied here but i'm not sure if it would work well since i'm not good at this so i'd rather post the specs here.


i usually play games like ffxii, ffx-2 and kingdom hearts 2. thanks in advance!

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should be fine. really depends on how fast/slow that i7 is

also, all of those are easy games, taxing games like Tekken 5 and such are a real test. (Just pointing this out)
Should run good. (Does not mean fullspeed)
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FFXII and KH2 will have no prob running on that laptop. But do not expect more than 40 FPS in FFX-2 FMVs with the 2630QM.
sorry for bumping an old thread guys. but thank you for your replies. i was looking into another build, do you guys think this would be better?

Processor: INTEL CORE I5-2300 LGA 1155 (6MB CACHE, 95W) QUAD CORE
RAM: 8GB DDR 1333
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX560 DC/2DI/1GD5
Quote:Score:3 of 4
Minumum Req. TongueASS
C2D or AMD x2~ at 3.0 Ghz and gddr2 equivalent Video card(Except 64-bit bandwidth video card)
Recommended Req. TongueASS
For i5 or i7 at 3.2Ghz(Except P4,PDC,C2D,C2Q,i3),For AMD x2,x4,x6(Phenom only) at 4.0Ghz and gddr5 equivalent video card
Maximum Req. :FAILED
i7 Extreme series unlocked by 5Ghz and gddr5~ Super-OC edition video card or Nvidia GTX-Ti Super-OC edition and excess of 256-bit bandwidth
Priority Req. TongueASS
*If your desktop/laptop's has a C2D,Core-i BUT it's video card is a Intel-GMA,Gxx express chipset,Sandy Bridge's intergrated video card or other built-ined
VGA that takes priority of a failure system requirement.
**If your desktop/laptop's video card is gddr2,gddr3,gddr5 or other best video card BUT it's CPU is a Dual/quad-core less than 2.66Ghz, a
Pentium 3,4 or AMD without X,athlon 64,Turion,Celpron,486,586,Intel-Atom,Intel-Centrino,Intel-Celeron,Intel-Core-Solo,ALL types of Netbook or other single-core
CPU that takes priority of a failure system requirement..
for your laptop from your the original post you just barely pass near recommended i think all 3 games you chosen shall work fine.

(12-14-2011, 11:15 PM)DarkkRoxas Wrote: Processor: INTEL CORE I5-2300 LGA 1155 (6MB CACHE, 95W) QUAD CORE
RAM: 8GB DDR 1333
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GTX560 DC/2DI/1GD5

Meanwhile this desktop is equal to your laptop specs it shall run almost the same.

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