Will someone please help me?
Sorry about that, I've read the rules this time.
Hey, I'm new here, this is my first post. I've just downloaded pcsx2. I'm able to open a game (for the first time opening it) and the settings appear (language/time/etc.), but after I'm finished changing the settings the screen goes blank.
If I open a game that I've already tried opening before, the PS2 welcome screen with the logo and floating squares and sound and such comes up but the little sound clip ends early and the screen goes blank.
In the top-left-hand corner of the window, "Interlaced (frame)" changes to "Progressive (field)". I don't know much about this stuff, but if it means anything, in the top of the window, the fps is constantly changing (33-39). The EE keeps going up and down from 97 -100%. The GS is going up and down from 0-3%. The UI is going up and down from 0-4%. And then it says State 0.
I'm sorry I'm such a n00b with this. I'd really love to be able to play Silent Hill on my PC. Thanks guys.

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Removing the "downloaded bioses" part of your previous post doesn't remove the fact you actually downloaded them.

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