Will the PS2 HDD ever be supported?
Wow, haven't looked into PCSX2 for a while. It has progressed quite nicely. I can play most of my games at 2x speed now Laugh. Well, I already asked my question in the subject line. From what I've read, there was a plugin called Megadev that allowed HDD support, but there was some unimplemented hardware in PCSX2 that prevented it from working completely. Is this a planned feature, or something the devs feel isn't worth the trouble? I have an HDLoader formatted PS2 HDD and was wondering if eventually I could attach it to the computer and use it with PCSX2. I realize I could just extract the images and use them like that, but it's a tedious process and a waste of disc space. I could also use the original discs, but they have lag issues sometimes from waiting for the disc to spin up. Anyway, thanks for any answers. Sorry, if I sound demanding in any way, that's not my intention.

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Megadev9 seems to work fine. Most HDD enabled homebrew recognizes and works with the virtual HDD.
HDLoader itself (and many other tools like it) don't currently work completely.
There are some issues yet with the special tricks this software does which works on a real PS2 but not in PCSX2.

I'm constantly bugging our experts about this so it may get supported better soon Wink
Thanks for the quick response. It's nice to know it still might get supported.
I was wondering. Is the fact that HDLoader isn't fully supported due to a technical hurdle or lack of interest? I've written some programs and wonder if I might be able to help at all with it.

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