Will the graphical issues with Musashi(den) ever be fixed?
One of the games I had recently picked up was Musashiden 2 Blademaster (Japanese version of Brave Fencer Musashi 2), and as I had discovered roughly upon getting the game in, the emulator doesn't quite work with it. In fact, seems this issue has existed for a long, long, time (graphical issues, mostly with certain effects used by the game). While I do have a Japanese PS2 (and I also have Free McBoot installed on my memory card, but I'm having issues running via network), the current model I have unfortunately has issues reading discs (it has both the issue with the lid having issues closing and the disc scratching issue. I have the parts for the disc scratching issue, just not sure how to go about fixing it, sadly).

Either way, I was wondering what exactly causes the said issue, since this seems to be mostly unique to this game. I seem to recall someone mentioning once that Square Enix did something weird with how it renders the graphics, which may be the cause of the issues. Performance wise, I have no issues what so ever, but I'll admit, trying to play it in its current state whenever the graphical issues crop up is.... not my idea of fun (and having skimmed a few videos, seems like it's a lot).  

I also apologize in advance if this topic isn't allowed here or I may have misplaced it in the first place. I'm just curious if this issue has been looked at or discussed.

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This game will not be fix and never able to fix on pcsx2 until now.

You may call it as musashi samurai legend in english version.

The only a slightly improvement is to set VU round mode "negative" and Clamping Mode "None".Still in certain area it is unplayable with all foggy and full whilelight rays.Totally unplayable.

I am also looking forward for a fix for years Sad

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