Will there be full ethernet capabilities in the 1.0 release?
Will there? I have been trying to use the dev9 ethernet plugin, but when I go to the network setting screen, the words are all messed up and scrunched into the corner. When I finally get it to detect hardware, it says nothing detected.

*I know something happened, because before I wasn't allowed to even Access that page with the same error.

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You're probably looking at something years into the future (0.9.6 came out in february where as 0.9.7 probably won't be out till the new GUI is stable which may be several more months yet) at which point, very few ethernet uses will still remain (LAN support as almost all PS2 game servers are already down for the count).

That said, and the devs are free to correct me if I'm wrong, I think they are aiming to get full (or as close to it as they can) hardware emulation of all the major features of the original PS2. Ethernet adapters weren't part of the first models, and only came out after the system launched...
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thanks for the reply.
I play on Ratchet and Clank 3 online server, which is still up and has an avg 5 games running at once. (sometimes its busy sometimes its dead)
Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
I put the dev 9 plugin in the plugin folder, selected the plugin got the message "Plugin successful" or whatever.\
but then when i go to network setup, it says no hardware found. Can some1 help me?
You probably missed installing the necessary software for it to work, not sure what's needed (if anything) really... the place you got it from doesnt say anything about it?
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